Liverpool training 27/8/2014


Claire Rourke and her Ice Bucket Challenge (x)


Jordan Ibe and his Ice Bucket Challenge (x)


Ian Rush and his Ice Bucket Challenge (x)

I try to help people as much as I can. Whether that is giving them confidence or instruction, I try to do as much as I can to help the team. I think that’s important sometimes.


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The U18s somehow come out with a point

10 minutes into the game, Derby County took the lead. The ball was initially blocked by Firth but the opponent was quick to react and fired into the goal. Derby continued its fine form and attack through the first half, with goalkeeper Firth keeping the Liverpool side alive and still in the game.

First minute into the second half, Liverpool equalized through Brewitts header. Just as things were looking good, Travis received a straight red in the 58th minute, disrupting the momentum of the Liverpool side. Derby took full advantage of a 10 man Liverpool side, and scored a second. With just 6 minutes remaining in the game, Whelan found the back of the net, helping Liverpool secure a point.

After last weeks thrashing of 6-0, Liverpool would only be happy to grab a point. They are currently on 9th (out of 12).

Starting XI: Firth, Travis, Hart, Brewitt, Roberts, Ejaria, Canos, Phillips, Sinclair, Marsh, Kent
Subs: Polgar, Jackson, Nicholas, Whelan, Maxwell.


Brendan Rodgers and his Ice Bucket Challenge (x)

Ice bucket challange

- Brendan Rodgers